Euro fell after giving back early gains

The euro fell after investors returned interest earned in the early hours.  The euro could not sustain its early gains against the dollar and traders fell below the $ 1.14 level with long positions in order to make a profit.

Janet Yellen‘s Wednesday statements were far from hawks, however Fed chairman’s comments on downsizing and inflation were in line with expectations of the market, by opposing optimism about the Fed’s likely to raise more interest this year. With the political upheaval in the US reaching the highest Wednesday’s high of 1.1489 dollars, the euro failed to get above this level after Yellen’s announcement and dropped to lower levels.

According to euro-based traders, key figures have lowered their long euro positions in the cash market, while waiting for inflation to be announced in the US on Friday.  Euro’s lack of resistance at $ 1.15 deterred option traders from taking an upward position.

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index was trading at 0.10% below 11.02 in London after rising to its lowest level since September 22nd. Fed Chairman Janet Yellen‘s stance on monetary policy has been gradual leading to a rise in currencies. The speech of Yellen was seen at the pigeon end, while the dollar rallied as the dollar rallied on a global basis.

Onshore and offshore yuan in China increased while interest on 10-year bonds decreased by 2 basis points to 3.56%. There was rise in Hang Seng Index and Shanghai Stock Exchange.

While the Indonesian rupee peaked at 1 week, the interest rate of 10 years declined by 12 basis points to the lowest level of the year. The Jakarta Stock Exchange sideways watched. Global funds sold $ 232 million worth of bonds on July 11th.

Malaysian ringiti rose to the highest level in two weeks, while the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index increased on the second day, while the 10-year bond interest declined by 2 basis points to 3.98%.


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