Chaotic but amazing, Bangkok

The capital of Thailand has been the subject of plenty of books and films. Of course,  ‘Hangover 2‘ is may be the most successful comedy film to describing the colorful and chaotic life in Bangkok. If you are not prepared for the chaotic life of Bangkok, you may lose yourself and you can be Bangkok’s like the famous statement of the movie ‘Your friend is now Bangkok’s’.

For the people seeing Bangkok for the first time,  it was a city full of contradictions of sweltering, hot, loud and smelling in all the streets; people lying in the shadows of skyscrapers; cooking and selling food in small benches with poverty but with happiness at the same time.

When you are used to all this turmoil you are starting to enjoy the city. You can enjoy getting lost in the streets, sitting and eating with the local people, and having a hand foot massage in the unpretentious backstreet massage saloons, which was much cheaper and more enjoyable.

You can choose cheap and very delicious food from street counters. You can taste a variety of vegetables, mushrooms, shrimps, seafood etc. There are many good restaurants having an English menu like Charoenkrung Soi 34, Harmonique and Thai restaurant. Everything is delicious and the prices are affordable.

Taking a boat trip on the Chao Praya River will be the best because there is disastrous traffic in Bangkok. So you can go down in most places to go and continue your boat trip again. You can go up and down the river tour, temples, shopping center and whatever else you want. But the little island beaches are the places you really should go.

When you travel to Bangkok, it is important to take health precautions. Respiratory and pulmonary diseases are very common due to high air pollution. There are special hospitals in Bangkok that serve the comfort of the hotels in accordance with many western standards. Health insurance is not common. International health insurance will be the best choice for those traveling to the country.

Drinking water is not available. Drinking water with bottles is sold at a reasonable price. Make sure your routine vaccinations are up-to-date before each trip. These vaccinations are measles-rubella-mumps (MMR), diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and annual influenza vaccination.

If you do not feel well after the trip, you must see a doctor. Be sure to tell your doctor where you went on your journey and what you did on the trip. Also, if you were bitten or scratched by an animal during your trip, it would be beneficial for your doctor to know that.

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