Change your diet to reduce Alzheimer’s risk

Scientists and medical doctors are searching for the methods to avoid the risk of Alzheimer, besides the way of solving existing diseases with medication. Most of the doctors now agree that nutrition is the most important factor in preventing almost all kind of diseases. Alzheimer is included in these diseases. There have been made some studies that release that some food diets reduce the risk of getting some diseases seriously.

A diet, known as the MIND diet is said to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 53 percent. This diet is has come to light after significant researches and it is based on the foods that must be consumed in order to reduce Alzheimer’s risk.

Specific study determined that the consumption of leafy greens twice a day rejuvenates brain functions by 5 years. Vitamin E in leafy greens is an antioxidant which is very important for the health of the neurons. And most doctors offer their patients to consume leafy greens.

Fruits are seen as the fighter foods to prevent diseases. They are offered to be eaten in order to avoid flu. Now, we see that they are also required against Alzheimer. Especially blueberries and strawberries are seen among the most important fruits which you need to add to your morning slack with yogurt. A research, made on 16,000 70 years and over aged women, showed that the women consuming fruits are experiencing cognitive aging later than those who does not consume. Thus, see the fruits as your medicine and consume them as most as possible, of course by taking care of blood sugar and your weight.

Researches have shown that consuming fish increases gray matter, a type of brain tissue that reduces the possibility of the disease. Even eating fish once a week, your Alzheimer’s risk is reduced once a week.

Wine is known for being good for hearth, but beside it is determined that wine is also salutary to avoid Alzheimer’s disease. In an article published in the Journal of Nutrition in the UK, it is stated that people consuming one and a half glasses of wine a day have less memory loss than those who do not.

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