Beyonce gave birth, welcoming the twins to the world

It is claimed that the famous singer, Beyonce, who announced her pregnancy in February, brought twin babies to the world.

It was alleged that the world famous singer Beyonce brought twin babies to the world early in the week.

The US media has suggested that the Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z welcomed their twin babies to on Monday or Tuesday. The couple was reported to share happy news with only their family and close friends yet.

It was claimed that the 35-year-old US singer gave birth to her twin babies at a medical center in Los Angeles. It was claimed that Beyonce would bring twin babies to the world at home and equip them with a 4.5 million pounds medical supplies at her home in Hollywood.

Beyonce has a 5-year-old daughter named Blue Ivy. She announced that she was pregnant from Instagram in February, but never told when she would be born.

Beyonce and rap singer Jay-Z was married in 2008 after five years of flirting.

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