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Apple, Samsung and Microsoft failed in the report of Greenpeace

The popular devices of Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are failed in GreenPeace’s report.

Greenpeace, a green activist organization, has partnered with iFixit specialists to rate 40 phones, laptops and tablets according to having easy to repair and recyclable spare parts. Popular devices from Apple, Samsung and Microsoft have not been successful in these tests.

The devices are rated in four areas: Battery replacement, screen replacement, tools and spare parts availability. Not surprisingly, modular phones have a much higher rating; however the number of people requesting them is minimal. The iPads and MacBooks are downgrading Apple‘s overall score, although the iPhone is not quite as successful.

Samsung‘s latest phone the Galaxy S8 and Microsoft Surface, which were also tested, seems like massive, unrecoverable masses.

On the other hand, HP and Dell laptop computers and two-in-one devices were among the best products according to Greenpeace. It is not surprising that these models are thought to be models for organizations that have IT departments that want to fix them.

After the release of the report, Greenpeace called Samsung, Apple and LG to give fixable and long lasting products. In the statement, the Microsoft spoken word “is produced by Surface professionals as well as being maintained by professionals, as is the case with many products … Surface consists of top quality parts and we stand behind the high-end materials used in the production of these unique and powerful devices”.

Greenpeace may not like Apple’s repair feature, however in other areas the organization praises the technology giant’s efforts. In April, Apple pledged to end mining and use only recycled materials in its products, and Greenpeace says it “puts the company ahead of others in the industry.”

The comments of the other technology companies taking place in Greenpeace’s report, is being waited.

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