Andrew Jassy earned the most last year

Andrew Jassy has been paid lots in order to manage Inc.’s fastest-growing and most profitable department. According to a statement from Seattle-based company, Amazon Web Services president Andrew Jessy, including the company’s cloud trade, took $ 35.4 million in stock last year with a salary of about $ 179,000. Stocks rose by about $ 54 million as of the second week of April. Andrew Jassy, ​​who was promoted to a new CEO role for division a year ago, was a senior executive of one of the six executives who will be publicly announced, including Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos.

Jassy has been directing artificial intelligence to Amazon to increase cloud intelligence, which drives 45 percent of the market for infrastructure as a service to companies to buy basic computing and storage power from the cloud. The unit recorded revenue $ 12.2 billion last year, as the company introduced an image recognition program. This program is a speech text service called Polly and tools for creating conversational applications.  AWS owns data centers that provide computing power for many large companies, such as Netflix Inc. and Capital One Corp.

Amazon also pays extreme numbers to the top-level employees of other technology firms like Alphabet Inc. regardless of the company’s performance. These huge salaries are to take them away from large corporations in other industries that are inclined to link to specific objectives, such as revenues or stock returns. Amazon’s board stated that emphasizing certain criteria could cause employees to focus solely on short-term returns at the expense of long-term growth and innovation.

Amazon last year also promoted Jeffrey Wilke to CEO of the worldwide consumer business, with a $33 million compensation package. Senior Vice Presidents Jeffrey Blackburn and Diego Piacentini got $22.2 million and $23.7 million. CEO Bezos, who’s the world’s second-richest person with net worth of $77.7 billion, got his usual $81,840 annual salary and $1.6 million in security services last year.


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