Addicted to fitness

According to experts, fitness or sport addiction is an over-persistent physical activity despite its physical, emotional and social consequences. The indications are similar to the indications of any other addictions. The intensity and stress of modern life push people to seek different ways of relaxation. In recent years, sports have become one of these methods of relaxation, as well as people start to give too much importance to their physical appearances. And exercising has become one of the modern addicts.

One of the symptoms of addiction to sport is increase of need of exercise in order to get the desired effects. This need is a psychological need. Feeling anxiety, fatigue, restlessness or unappealing on the days when you are not able to exercise. Constantly exceeding the limits of time spent on exercise. I mean, it’s a promise to end a tight exercise in one hour, but its 30 or 50 more minutes to add…

For the people addicted to sport, it starts to be more difficult or impossible to keep their physical activity habits at manageable levels. They create reasons to exercise.  They spend more time on exercising more than doctors or fitness experts recommend. Social life, work and leisure activities are pushed to the background in order to give priority to fitness. Often this may cause a person’s emotional and interpersonal relationships being damaged.

People addicted to fitness continue to perform physical activity instead of pausing, and despite all the possible illnesses, injury and negative psychological consequences.

When exercise is repeatedly done, the body and mind get a serious blow. Some research suggests that exercising more than 17 hours a week is as harmful as not exercising. It is very important to keep in mind that your measurement in exercise is as important as exercising. People need to keep their physical activity levels within a reasonable, healthy range.

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