A luxury underwater experience with the Neyk submarine

Are you tired of traveling with your private jet, your helicopter or your giant bed? Then try the luxury submarine Neyk. “These words are being used to market the newest luxury submarine at the top level. Neyk, the newest luxury submarine model which will be produced by the Dutch Ocean Submarine company, stands out with its luxurious design.

The newest luxury submarine model of Ocean Submarine, which was built with the cooperation of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), will have a capacity of 20 passengers. The 18.3 meter long Neyk submarine offers 15 knots of speed and a maximum descent capacity of 500 meters. The submarine Neyk, which makes you feel as if you are in a James Bond movie, will have a library, bar, kitchen and relaxation area.

According to the producers of this luxury submarine, “Neyk’s interior design and light systems with diesel and electric motor will be designed according to the customer’s special wishes. The cockpit, which has a 270 degree viewing angle, offers a unique view under water.

The price of the submarine, whose first model is planned to be released to the market in January 2018, is not official announced yet. It is stated by the producer company that as the submarine Neyk goes to mass production, five versions between 6 and 24 meters will be revealed.

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