8 movies that surprised with their endings

There are some movies whose stories really affect us. But, the movies sometimes succeed to be unforgettable with their endings. Here are 12 movie recommendations that will make you surprised at the end.


Jennifer Lawrence portray the New Yorker writer Aurora while Jim Preston plays the role of another astonished passenger Pratt’s character whose drug-tapped sleeping ended due to a mechanic error. Although the two fall in love with each other in this process, it is a fact that Aurora is awakened 100 years earlier by Pratt. And, a major technical breakdown on board would cause the tension between the two to rise.


The young man Kevin who suffers from multiple personality disorder, has 23 different alter egos. The most dominant of this alter ego is a succulent character. Kevin kidnaps three sisters at the market exit and locks them up in the basement. The man who establishes different relationships with the girls through different alter ego starts to disperse gradually with the presence of the girls. Kevin, who is starting to get involved with the fighting of different alter classes, becomes dangerous. When girls look for the way to escape, they try to avoid both triggering Kevin’s dangerous alter ego and finding his escape route through his benevolent alter ego.


In this movie, which has a futurist dystopia story, the society is divided into five regions, each representing a different virtue. Those who are 16 years old are being asked not to stay in their own regions. Because the decision they make throughout their lives, they have to live in the region where they choose. Beatrice Prior makes a surprising choice. On top of that, Tris and the other members of the region enter a very competitive starting phase to survive after the election they have made. They will have to pass heavy physical and psychological tests. But Tris keeps a secret. If anybody learns her secret, it will definitely be the end.

Endless Love

David Axelrod and Jade Butterfield meet on a quiet summer evening and start an association where they will challenge the whole world, especially their families. Because, Jade has just graduated from high school and has a brilliant future ahead of him. David is a brave man who grew up in a different class of family and came to today with various difficulties. Jade’s dad is confident of this relationship and has no intention of giving up easily. Now, there are some very difficult obstacles in front of their relationships, but these obstacles only make their relationship more complicated, obscure and obsessive.


Nocturnal Animals

Susan Morrow left Edward Sheffield, her husband, 19 years ago. In her second marriage, she lives a regular life as a doctor’s wife. One day, she finds in the postal box the draft of the first novel of her ex-husband which was never published. Her old partner is asking for her opinion. Susan cannot leave his book, “Noctural Animals.

In Time

The movie passing in the near future is about the story of people stop aging after 25 years old age and about the secrets of immortality after reaching the mystery of “a world where money can live forever.” In this new world of movie, time is worth the gold in this new world. The film tells the story of the human being who has embarked on the new regime, with the population growth reaching the final limit.


Billy Hope is a successful boxer who struggles to get to the top of his career. Billy, who is shocked by the tragic death of his wife, finds himself in an alcohol and drug battle. At the bottom of his hole he meets his daughter’s custody and the possibility of losing her home. Billy wants to meet Tick, an old boxer at this point, to train him. He ​​tries to improve the young man not only in boxing but also in spiritual sense.

La Cara Oculta

Adrian and Belen are a married couple. They moved to a house built during the Second World War period with panic chambers. The movie focuses on the events that happen after Belen’s sudden disappearance.

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