63 years old Lyn Slater became a fashion icon accidentally

Working as an academician at a university, Lyn Slater became a fashion icon by accident while she was having dinner with her friends. Lyn Slater was unaware of the fact that her life would change forever as she went for dinner with a friend near New York Fashion Week.

While she was having her dinner, foreign journalists suddenly snuck around and accidentally made her a fashion icon.

Lyn Slater, who actually had an ordinary life, immediately opened a blog and wrote her story there.  By the help of her blog which is known with her name, this 63-year-old academician started to make an international effect.

Lyn Slater soon became the voice of the people who gave up following the fashion industry on the pretext of getting older all over the world. Now she is on the way to become the renowned face of the famous brands.

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