6 different styles you can only get with a white tee

The white t-shirt is one of the simplest parts of fashion but it is one of the most legendary. Sometimes it is lifesaving even in the most severe environments. Here are some tips on how to use the white t-shirt.

Street style: You can hardly have a street style with a white shirt joined to a torn jean. You can also decorate this combination with great accessories to show off, that you will find both comfortable and extremely stylish.

Friday meetings: A white T-shirt that you will wear in a blazer jacket, and combine with a pair of black trousers or a dark jean will be stylish for the Friday meetings. It will reflect both the seriousness and the indifference you desire, and it will show you very cool.

The simplest activity outfit: If you meet with your friend and have a drink, or if you will meet someone outside for a short meeting, just pull your white t-shirt over your black slim jeans and just throw your leather jacket over it. This combination is a real safety valve for any situation.

The only option for colored trousers: If you prefer more colorful trousers, a white tee will save your life. If the red is very fashionable this year, and if you buy yourself red trousers, get a white t-shirt on top of it. No one has any doubt about that this is the best combination.

Complement of all kinds of skirts: If you prefer to wear skirts instead of pants? Then you need a white tee treasure. Because, you can combine all kinds of skirts from mini-skirts printed with single color to skirts with silk fabrics with a plain white t-shirt. Get at least a couple of short white t-shirts.

Buddy of mini short: The most stylish outfit with a mini short is definitely a white shirt. Spend this year on high-waisted shorts cut-off jeans or leather which are more fashionable than ever, and show yourself where you want.

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