111 people in California preferred to use the right to die

In the state of California of the USA, when the “Act on the End of Life Option” entered into force, 111 fatal patients used their euthanasia right between June 9, 2016 and December 31, 2016,

According to a report by the California Department of Health, 191 fatal patients provided medication to end their lives between June 9 and December 31, 2016, when the law on end of life came into force. 111 of the drug suppliers ended their lives as of December 31.

It is stated that 58.6% of those who end their lives were cancer patients and 75% of them were over 60 years old.

The Oregon state in the United States was the first state in 1997 to enforce the euthanasia law. Following Oregon, Colorado, Montana, Vermont and Washington state and Washington, DC, adopted similar laws.

In California, 498 health agencies and 104 hospitals responded to prescription requests, 80 percent of insurance companies said they would cover the cost of drugs.

At the beginning of the month by the Compassion & Choices NGO, a nonprofit that works on those who want to put an end to life, at least 504 people with deadly illnesses in California have registered a “life ending” drug prescription.

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